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April 19, 2019

No TEX-MEX served!! I'm often asked by visitors on the island " Where can I get the BEST Mexican food?" I smile and explain that if you are looking for three cheese enchiladas made of flour tortillas and covered with sauce and cheese, you've come to the wrong place! For one thing cheese is very expensive here on an island that largely supports itself with the fishing trade, only second to tourism.... well it's not enchilada heaven. Sorry to burst your bubble!

True Mexican food on this island is fresh lobster, shrimp, red snapper, grouper, lion fish and octopus prepared simply with a few fresh, raw, local ingredients that are presented as if a kaleidoscope was consulted. Typical sauces are simply made from choices of the abundance of dried peppers found at the Mercado’s. The local beachfront...

April 11, 2019

AHHHHH, the simple joy of strolling along the shore and then, there it is at your toes a shiny, tumbled piece of glass. Glass? So what’s the big deal you ask? The BIG deal is there is a piece of history between your sand covered toes! This may be your first look at a NATURAL, GENUINE piece of sea glass or perhaps you have bowls brimming with your lucky finds, either way you bend down and take a closer look. Smooth, rounded, blue or brown, what could this tiny treasure have been? Take a look out to sea and think; from where, how long, how deep, how far has this gem come? Once dumped as a piece of trash, this tiny find has been entrusted to you for its future.

Genuine sea glass can be found on most beaches of the world, but there are particular places that loads of sea glass seems to flouri...

April 3, 2019

Mexican culture is truly a wonderful one. It is all about family, loyalty, traditions, food, and most importantly Mexican culture is about life lessons.

Traditionally on the island, single family homes house multiple generations. The abuela (grandmother), or as a more loving expression (abuelita), is always still in the house, which may or may not have been in her original family. If the abuelo (grandfather) is still alive, he, of course will be there also. The children all stay in these lovely, quaint casas and their spouses move in and a new generation begins family traditions in the family home.  For the most part, local families on the island do not live in separate houses… there are of course, exceptions to every generality. As I pass by these colorful, cinderblock casas, the doors are...

March 20, 2019

Ahh, the sheer delights of creation of texture, created by God in nature and by humans in our lives. Creating texture is truly a passion, that one layers and builds. A small beginning to a glorious end. Creating texture is in the eyes, ears, smell and touch. The ideas abound in the mind and come to pass with passion. A simple layer is not enough——texture is copius layers—— all similar yet all different. The combinations are intriguing. A vision of colors playing off of each other. Does creativity beget texture or texture creativity? In my mind, both, I create to express. Creation to me, is not to all. There lies the beauty—in the beholder.

Shells, Gods creation, given to the seas. They are tossed and rolled, beaten and pounded, then the sea brings them to our toes! Though perfection is inat...

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