October 10, 2018

That wonderful time of year when school commences, sounds from the football field return, the leaves turn to brilliant hues and the temperatures give us a hint of what is to come. It is autumn and our thoughts turn to soups and stews, jackets and sweaters and the possibility of a warm fire in a stone fireplace. Autumn is a a time to play with rich textures in food, personal style and home decor. And for the budget minded, the autumn decor can actually be used from September thru November!!! That is gives me great delight to invest in quality seasonal decor, knowing full well that it will last through Halloween and Thanksgiving, with only a few tweaks! A jack-o-lantern is effortlessly replaced with a ceramic turkey or a pair of pilgrims. Bargain!!!

This year, so far, I had some renewed inspirations, especially after spending some quality time antiquing at the ROUND TOP ANTIQUE FAIR, a semi...

September 26, 2018

I’m headed back from doing some early bird shopping at the Round Top Antique Fair, as you are reading this post!!! Stay tuned next week, and see which collections I increased on this shopping trip! -- E                           

August 1, 2018

Collecting is in my blood; always has been. As a child, I collected every TROLL doll with every hair color and every accessory. I collected arrowheads, rocks and fool’s gold. More was always better! My dad designed a rock tumbler for me, so I could enhance the tiny shards I found into truly collectible bits. I collected wheat pennies (which I still have) and Blue Willow doll dishes. The

passion started early.

As an adult, I’ve collected majolica, staffordshire dogs, blue boy portraits (yes, really), and vintage needlepoint, to name a few. As my artistic views change, I see my collections expanding and changing with my new sense of style (for me) and with my new visions. Today in my collecting, I value age, texture and intricacy. (You have witnessed my love of the textures of OTOMI). I collect with my gut and I never buy to impress others. My collections are personal..they speak to me. My...

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Collector's Passion