April 11, 2019

AHHHHH, the simple joy of strolling along the shore and then, there it is at your toes a shiny, tumbled piece of glass. Glass? So what’s the big deal you ask? The BIG deal is there is a piece of history between your sand covered toes! This may be your first look at a NATURAL, GENUINE piece of sea glass or perhaps you have bowls brimming with your lucky finds, either way you bend down and take a closer look. Smooth, rounded, blue or brown, what could this tiny treasure have been? Take a look out to sea and think; from where, how long, how deep, how far has this gem come? Once dumped as a piece of trash, this tiny find has been entrusted to you for its future.

Genuine sea glass can be found on most beaches of the world, but there are particular places that loads of sea glass seems to flourish. If you are lucky enough to be on a beach that...

March 20, 2019

Ahh, the sheer delights of creation of texture, created by God in nature and by humans in our lives. Creating texture is truly a passion, that one layers and builds. A small beginning to a glorious end. Creating texture is in the eyes, ears, smell and touch. The ideas abound in the mind and come to pass with passion. A simple layer is not enough——texture is copius layers—— all similar yet all different. The combinations are intriguing. A vision of colors playing off of each other. Does creativity beget texture or texture creativity? In my mind, both, I create to express. Creation to me, is not to all. There lies the beauty—in the beholder.

Shells, Gods creation, given to the seas. They are tossed and rolled, beaten and pounded, then the sea brings them to our toes! Though perfection is inate in them, the intervention of man to make them g...

December 19, 2018

Christmas in the Caribbean is one dreamy delight of our beachy lifestyle. With our Christmas plans up in the air, I embarked on creating a coastal Christmas on Isla. And then, staying true to our love of Mexico with its colorful lure, our Texas decor had to be Feliz Navidad y’all!! I reflected on a tradition, brought to Mexico by the Spanish and now an important form of Mexican folk art… vibrant-colored tissue paper flowers... to adorn our Texas mantle. The papier-mache’ colorful longhorn was created in Mexico and purchased in Round Top this fall. Embroidered stockings were custom made in Isla and monogrammed in Texas. Inside and out, we celebrate the season with all of the brilliant colors we love, that take us back to our island home.

Our Isla tree was designed using locally bought Christmas ornaments (colorful ornaments and glittery re...

September 26, 2018

I’m headed back from doing some early bird shopping at the Round Top Antique Fair, as you are reading this post!!! Stay tuned next week, and see which collections I increased on this shopping trip! -- E                           

September 12, 2018

Ahoy Matey! Meet Lola and Mundaca, my latest artistic visions in the world of shell art. Shell art, always visually engaging, can be expressed in numerous ways from mirrors, to tables, to boxes and even a desk. And yes, I’ve done them all. These two recent projects, embellished in Isla, started life as a gold bust in a vintage shop and a white ceramic parrot spied at Pier 1 in Fort Worth. Playing with the idea of a pirate and his parrot, (as legend reveals to use in literature and movies)… and living on an island in the Caribbean, known to have housed many a colorful pirate, the pairing just made sense. 

First I embellished Mundaca, a legendary pirate who made Isla his home in 1858, and today remains in the often told folklore of the island. Mundaca is embellished with shells and sea glass, all sourced on Isla. He even features a trinket...

February 28, 2018

The celebrated CATRINAS of Mexico are (as time goes), relatively new to the world of Mexican folk art. The popularity of this art form came into existence after the renown Mexican mural artist, Diego Rivera, husband to Frida Kahlo, poltical activist and self-proclaimed atheist, created and painted “Sueno de una tarde dominical en La Alameda Central” (Dream of a Sunday afternoon along central Alameda) in 1947. This fifty foot mural painted in Mexico City was his take on the political climate at the time and was filled with political satire. In the mural, Rivera created a full body skeleton dressed in the extravagant European style of past decades, including a lavishly embellished, wide-brimmed hat, again reminiscent of the upper European style, just prior to the Mexican Revolution.

However, Rivera did not create the original skull o...

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