sand & sun

May 31, 2019

There are so many little attractions on the island that can easily be missed by the casual tourist.

Today enjoy some of my Special Moments.

Ask yourself with each of these moments..  Did I?

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April 11, 2019

AHHHHH, the simple joy of strolling along the shore and then, there it is at your toes a shiny, tumbled piece of glass. Glass? So what’s the big deal you ask? The BIG deal is there is a piece of history between your sand covered toes! This may be your first look at a NATURAL, GENUINE piece of sea glass or perhaps you have bowls brimming with your lucky finds, either way you bend down and take a closer look. Smooth, rounded, blue or brown, what could this tiny treasure have been? Take a look out to sea and think; from where, how long, how deep, how far has this gem come? Once dumped as a piece of trash, this tiny find has been entrusted to you for its future.

Genuine sea glass can be found on most beaches of the world, but there are particular places that loads of sea glass seems to flourish. If you are lucky enough to be on a beach that is near a river that feeds to the ocean, you are i...

March 8, 2019

Buenos días!! Ahhh! Paradise!! An island morning... it begins early for most. Sunrise (amanecar) on the island begins with a subtle peek of the sun over the ocean about 6 am. Living on the islands east coast, the sun's rays shoot through our oceanfront windows with full force. The "break of dawn".... well, it will break you out of your dreams.

The southern, eastern tip of the island is actually the first place that the sun touches Mexico each morning! I awake to the snuggles of my dog or her yapping, indicating her desire to visit the playa. Well, maybe visit is the wrong word, but you get it. She is also anxious to see if our neighbor’s dogs or the iguanas have made their morning debuts. Coffee brewing and plastic bag in hand, I approach the beach to dispose of any of her "deposits". The island cherishes its clean beaches and so do I.

In the summer months, I often see loggerhead...

September 12, 2018

Ahoy Matey! Meet Lola and Mundaca, my latest artistic visions in the world of shell art. Shell art, always visually engaging, can be expressed in numerous ways from mirrors, to tables, to boxes and even a desk. And yes, I’ve done them all. These two recent projects, embellished in Isla, started life as a gold bust in a vintage shop and a white ceramic parrot spied at Pier 1 in Fort Worth. Playing with the idea of a pirate and his parrot, (as legend reveals to use in literature and movies)… and living on an island in the Caribbean, known to have housed many a colorful pirate, the pairing just made sense. 

First I embellished Mundaca, a legendary pirate who made Isla his home in 1858, and today remains in the often told folklore of the island. Mundaca is embellished with shells and sea glass, all sourced on Isla. He even features a trinket badge with an “M”,  that I found many years ago, wh...

August 29, 2018

As the turquoise tide rolled in this past week, it brought with it my dearest friend of forty years and her charming, twenty-something daughter. When guests arrive, the rhythms of my daily life change, as I focus my gaze on sharing the rich spectrum of activities, culture and food that Isla Mujeres has to offer… which can be a challenge in only a few days. As expected, my friend and I giggled like teenagers, as we reminisced about times gone by and the unforgettable memories that our two families have made together over the years. Her daughter, my goddaughter, filled with a wonderful old, bohemian soul, laughed as hard as we did, and interjected new perspectives on our old ones. She is an aspiring young chef in Houston, with a keen eye on the paleo lifestyle also, defying the imagination in her all paleo kitchen and keeping me on my toes in the cocina!  Follow her on Instagram, @stower!!...

August 22, 2018

Hop in the golf cart or hail a taxi and head to the south end of Isla Mujeres. An unassuming, white stucco wall makes it easy to miss, but just turn around and try again. Enter and focus your gaze on the white sands and sweeping views ahead. You have discovered an Isla treasure with an oceanfront vista, as far as the eye can see… MAR-BELLA Fish Market—Raw Bar and Grill.

With its majestic first impression, this gem reveals itself in stages. The sand, the vignettes of wicker and wooden furniture that flow together, the woven rattan rugs under your feet, the bamboo swings; and then, the deep hues of the turquoise water all confirm your thoughts… I have found paradise!

Charming, impressive staff greet you and the standing and overhead fans support the ocean breezes efforts. You get a sense of being welcomed here, perhaps even expected. View the fresh catches iced down to your right, just past...

July 25, 2018

Isla Mujeres is quickly becoming a culinary getaway. A destination of sorts. Foodies are gathering to satisfy their culinary taste buds. Simple, elegant food is abundant, fresh and mouthwatering. The chefs take great pride in their preparation skills, food quality and stunning presentations. This is the new Isla. No worries long time taco, guacamole and marquesita fans... the old favs are alive and well, with fresh avocados or that undisputed local delight of a crunchy crepe, filled with Nutella and bananas, at the local street cart. But a new age has begun and is becoming a way of life here. As the local chefs explore new culinary techniques, with the sweeping, ever-changing caribe as a backdrop, I delight in sharing just a few of my favorite Isla style eats!

Mar Bella, an excellent example of seaside dining at its best, is located at the island’s south end, hidden behind stucco walls. T...

June 13, 2018

We are taking a quick stroll back outside this week. Tile, tile and more tile for these two transformations. THE tile guy on Isla is Felix… I have watched him work on many projects at El Milagro, and his attention to detail caught my eye. Felix can cleverly and artfully transform a blank space into a piece of fascination with a distinctive Mexican flare. He can produce stunning effects with a square tile piece or an intentionally broken one. Watch as he transforms our dipping pool into a continuation of the tranquil caribe waters. And then, with a more vivid impact, he takes advantage of my love of vibrant hues and a found object, to make our casa an ultimate example of the unique style of Mexico.

The existing dipping pool had originally been outlined with a deep, rich, sapphire blue tile, so we let that set the stage. The bowl of the pool was simply painted, and that simply didn’t suit o...

April 25, 2018

Living on the ocean, as well as an island, certainly produces a variety of challenges. But the sights and sounds that rely on tropical living far outweigh any issues that occasionally appear. Many readers have ask me for more and more pictures, so today I shall fill that need with endless turquoise, textural sand under my feet, and the heavenly delights above. This is the paradise where I create, dream, cook, dine, experiment and for part of my life….live. Live it today with me.    -E

March 28, 2018

Tropical breezes ring through the salt loving fauna against our strong casa walls. An occasional whistling wind signals an increase of breezes just before dawn. For a moment, the rush evokes subtle memories of past morning storms. And then, peace begins and the glistening effect on the horizon indicates the first morning light that we cherish on this island. Transition from night to day has begun, seamlessly.

Each day, as the sun makes its revelation, is as unique as any perfect snowflake. The clouds reveal multiple palettes scattered behind them. In the distance, I spot a lobster panga out to retrieve its nightly catch. The robust spirit of the waves beating against our limestone anchored beach, breaks the solitude with amazing grace. Pools created by time alone, welcome tiny water birds, searching for a morning tidbit.

The taste of life here has begun, again. Each beginning flows togethe...

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