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December 19, 2018

Christmas in the Caribbean is one dreamy delight of our beachy lifestyle. With our Christmas plans up in the air, I embarked on creating a coastal Christmas on Isla. And then, staying true to our love of Mexico with its colorful lure, our Texas decor had to be Feliz Navidad y’all!! I reflected on a tradition, brought to Mexico by the Spanish and now an important form of Mexican folk art… vibrant-colored tissue paper flowers... to adorn our Texas mantle. The papier-mache’ colorful longhorn was created in Mexico and purchased in Round Top this fall. Embroidered stockings were custom made in Isla and monogrammed in Texas. Inside and out, we celebrate the season with all of the brilliant colors we love, that take us back to our island home.

Our Isla tree was designed using locally bought Christmas ornaments (colorful ornaments and glittery reindeer)… but with the added embellishment of local shells and encrusted sand. I truly enjoy embellishing everything and leaving it more interesting tha...

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