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April 11, 2019

AHHHHH, the simple joy of strolling along the shore and then, there it is at your toes a shiny, tumbled piece of glass. Glass? So what’s the big deal you ask? The BIG deal is there is a piece of history between your sand covered toes! This may be your first look at a NATURAL, GENUINE piece of sea glass or perhaps you have bowls brimming with your lucky finds, either way you bend down and take a closer look. Smooth, rounded, blue or brown, what could this tiny treasure have been? Take a look out to sea and think; from where, how long, how deep, how far has this gem come? Once dumped as a piece of trash, this tiny find has been entrusted to you for its future.

Genuine sea glass can be found on most beaches of the world, but there are particular places that loads of sea glass seems to flourish. If you are lucky enough to be on a beach that is near a river that feeds to the ocean, you are in prime hunting ground, my friend! You have probably come upon an abundant discovery. Many dump site...

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