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November 1, 2017

A dear friend of six years on the island has had the opportunity to care for two CORTORITOS (pretty birds). These beautiful white-fronted Amazon parrots, the smallest of the Amazons, came into Inga’s life over a period of several years. Acquired by someone else, the oldest CORTORITO that Inga lovingly cares for, is five years old. Inga, a dedicated researcher on local plants, began researching the best way to care for her new CORTORITO. She also enlisted the local vet for his professional advice.

At first, Inga would take the parrot (named simply, Cortorito), out of the roomy cage and put on people’s shoulders….however, the CORTORITO caught a disease from a stranger and Inga almost lost her new pet. After diligent research and several visits to the vet, Inga learned that these Amazons are able to catch human diseases and we can catch theirs! The vet was able to prescribe the appropriate medications and Inga’s charge was good as new.

Several years later a local Mayan woman, who is a bre...

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