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January 2, 2019

Mexican folk art is a magical combination of practical items for everyday use, or for the impractical, whimsical desire to express one’s creative spirit, for the sheer joy of decoration. It represents particular regions of the country, capturing the needs of the indigenous people and their personal visions. Diversity of materials available for use or even the roles of other cultures played a practical part in each regions creations. From leather crafts, paper crafts, ceramic designs and even the hammocks developed on the Yucatan peninsula, folk art has long played an important part to each region of Mexico.

My particular Mexican folk art indulgence is the art of OTOMI. This embroidery technique, in its purest form, has long been a passion for the people of central Mexico in Tenango de Doria in the state of Hidalgo. The mesoamerican culture brought OTOMI to life in clothing and ceremonial costumes. The characters depicted in the embroidery, as history reveals, were a way of telling the...

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