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March 8, 2019

Buenos días!! Ahhh! Paradise!! An island morning... it begins early for most. Sunrise (amanecar) on the island begins with a subtle peek of the sun over the ocean about 6 am. Living on the islands east coast, the sun's rays shoot through our oceanfront windows with full force. The "break of dawn".... well, it will break you out of your dreams.

The southern, eastern tip of the island is actually the first place that the sun touches Mexico each morning! I awake to the snuggles of my dog or her yapping, indicating her desire to visit the playa. Well, maybe visit is the wrong word, but you get it. She is also anxious to see if our neighbor’s dogs or the iguanas have made their morning debuts. Coffee brewing and plastic bag in hand, I approach the beach to dispose of any of her "deposits". The island cherishes its clean beaches and so do I.

In the summer months, I often see loggerhead, hawksbill or green sea turtle tracks just down from our stairs in the sand. Summer is mating seaso...

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