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September 5, 2018

The love affair began on a sunny, crisp morning, as I was finding inspiration in the mixed objects and textures artfully displaced on the scattered tables at the semi annual Round Top Antiques Fair about eight years ago. The tiny brass heart trinket, caught my eye, as it seemingly attempted to beat to grab my attention. This tiny, exquisite heart from the 1800’s... and France… was the beginning of my still small ex-voto collection. It was love at first sight! 

Generally considered a part of Catholicism history, ex-votos were presented in chapels or placed at the feet of grand saint statues, as a wish or in gratitude of a miracle needed or already performed. These authentic, intricate beauties are all hinged and open to reveal a locket, a space for secrets and requests to be placed. My collection consists of all gilded brass, engraved or raised lettering ex-votos, bearing the initial “M”….for Mary, the mother of Jesus. Antique ex-votos, found in my collection, can sell for several hundre...

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