March 20, 2019

Ahh, the sheer delights of creation of texture, created by God in nature and by humans in our lives. Creating texture is truly a passion, that one layers and builds. A small beginning to a glorious end. Creating texture is in the eyes, ears, smell and touch. The ideas abound in the mind and come to pass with passion. A simple layer is not enough——texture is copius layers—— all similar yet all different. The combinations are intriguing. A vision of colors playing off of each other. Does creativity beget texture or texture creativity? In my mind, both, I create to express. Creation to me, is not to all. There lies the beauty—in the beholder.


Shells, Gods creation, given to the seas. They are tossed and rolled, beaten and pounded, then the sea brings them to our toes! Though perfection is inate in them, the intervention of man to make them gleam with their outer beauty, gives us the incentive to collect them and think…how, where, what? I’ve been creating with shells forever…boxes of course, and yes a large mirror…once an entire vintage secretary!


My latest creation was inspired by the famed Spanish Pirata, FERMIN MUNDACA, who, as legend has it, came to this island around 1858. The many remaining Mayan statues of women from centuries before, prompted Mundaca to christen the island of the women. Always intrigued by pirates and their alleged treasure, I began collecting (more) glossy shells from the small huts on the Caribe side of the island. They clean and shine these gems for venta (sale). I found a plaster bust, of who is probably DAVID or CAESAR, in a vintage shop in Texas and muled it to MY MEXICO via my carryon. Originally a harvest gold, I camouflaged the bust with a splattering of white paint. In my efforts, I enjoyed depicting my vision of a regal (probably dirty), authoritative Mundaca. His breastplate was formed from a variety of cockles and atop that I placed a flea market medal bearing the initial M for Mundaca, of course!! His epaulet (if he even had one) was created by the combination of shell and found sea glass. The antlers, in my eyes, represent the death in his past and the unfortunate ones of his future endeavors. As a Texan, I just love deer antlers!!





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