Island Essentials

February 27, 2019



When in Texas, I'm often asked, " Do you have electricity on that island?" A valid question!! After all, this Mexican island is only 5 miles long and 1/2-1 mile wide. Yes, we do. As it turns out, there are underwater electric cables connected to the mainland. Same is true for our water... (however, even the long time locals drink bottled water). That being said, we do have periodic electrical outages, as the underwater cables are showing signs of oceanic wear and tear. Efforts are currently underway to rewire all the lines to the mainland.


So, as you see, the island doesn't belong to Gilligan or Thurston Howell III, but we do have many outdoor living spaces that resemble that sitcom of my youth.


In Mexico, palapas are thatched roof, wall-less structures, constructed using a dense wood that is insect resistant (in the past, ocotillo wood was used, but it now has some restricted use) and topped with palm thatch, usually from the royal palm. Watching the construction of a palapas is a wonder in itself!


Ok, " what about plumbing and OMGOSH.. WiFi?" Yes and yes. We even have APPLE TV! What we don't have are nosy neighbors or country clubs. Or the endless need to be engaged in social media or coffee chains on every corner. Or broken traffic signals (not any), golf resorts or five star restaurants strifing for prestigious titles. Island living in MY MEXICO is simple, laid back, refreshing and pure. Solitude is here for the taking. Ability to renew yourself is here for the taking. Calm is here for the taking. I'll take it all please.... Tranquillo mi amigo.

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