Wash Day

January 30, 2019

There are various ways of washing clothes on the island. Many households wash their clothes by hand and hang them out to line dry. These clotheslines can be a fence, a line across a driveway or as you see here... on rooftops!! Every day is wash day here for some and I always enjoy observing the hard working women of these casas, attending to this household task with joy.


For me, Monday is wash day, actually one of my favorite days on the island. I get to do the wash!! The island is full of wonderful lavanderies, which are a huge help in washing large towels and sheets. For about 8 US dollars, these lovely ladies will wash, dry and fold those heavier items. They use a wonderful fabric softener that brings a delightful, refreshing fragrance into the casa, but I love to wash my pillowcases, kitchen towels and clothes.


No washer and dryer for me, just like most locals, so I set up wash day on my kitchen counter. Before I begin soaking clothes, I string my

clothesline, filled with wooden clothespins, across my back patio. Returning to the sink, I open my windows and my crisp, white linen curtains whip in the ocean breeze. Well if you need to wash, this is the view that I want. I flip the hot water switch to on and begin my weekly routine. A quick soak in a fragrant Mexican detergent is all it takes. Out to the line to dry, the linens and clothes flap in the ocean wind and I anxiously await bringing them inside with their fresh outdoor scent and crispy feel.


Guess you can say that I have found joy in this weekly task. Another simple pleasure of island living! 

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