Food, Family and Tastes = Culture

April 3, 2019





Mexican culture is truly a wonderful one. It is all about family, loyalty, traditions, food, and most importantly Mexican culture is about life lessons.


Traditionally on the island, single family homes house multiple generations. The abuela (grandmother), or as a more loving expression (abuelita), is always still in the house, which may or may not have been in her original family. If the abuelo (grandfather) is still alive, he, of course will be there also. The children all stay in these lovely, quaint casas and their spouses move in and a new generation begins family traditions in the family home.  For the most part, local families on the island do not live in separate houses… there are of course, exceptions to every generality. As I pass by these colorful, cinderblock casas, the doors are always open with, at the most, a privacy curtain blowing in the doorway. The rooms are filled with locally crafted hammocks, strung across the room, secured by original hooks embedded into the cinderblock walls at construction. Come morning, the hammocks are unhooked and secured out of the way for the day to begin.


Meals are served to send the family on the way. The smell of fresh tortillas spills out the opened doorway. Laughter is contagious and a new day begins. More times than not, I notice family members leaving on their motos balancing a plastic dish between the people on the moto, for a midday snack. It seems that the new generations usually go to their various jobs over the island and the abuelita stays home to care for the youngest little ones….no day cares here… no rest homes here… the old care for the young and the young care for the old.  Mom, dad and 1-2 school age youngsters pile on the moto and off they go… to school and work. I might add that the children are carefully fitted with their school uniforms and their freshly combed hair, that seems to weather the moto ride without disturbance. Love is passed on to the new generations and no one is put away or shut out or forgotten. A culture long time rooted in family. The locals on this Mexican island live and love with passion. Simply living.. in my Mexico.

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