Cocos Frios

February 20, 2019


As promised, let me introduce you to my favorite, family owned coconut cart on the island. This cart is parked daily at the north end of a pedestrian only street, in a space that is rented on a monthly basis. This practical, handmade cart serves about 40 coconuts every day to the parched tourists, who have spent a little too much time on the beach, or to the passerby’s that just want to try this tropical treat. Coconuts, cherished for their vitamin packed water and nutritious meat, have long been a staple in tropical locations. Picked from the coconut palm tree, these fresh young, green coconuts offer a sweet, nutty and satisfying taste.

Walk or drive up in your moto/golf cart to this centrally located coconut cart and Hule (dad), Monica (mom), Keyla (daughter) or David (son) will open you a young, cold coconut packed with nutrients. These family members are all machete experts and with three to four quick blows to the tip of the coconut, you are on your way to enjoying a healthy, hydrating treat. Delicious and packed with calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, vitamin B and C and riboflavin’s. At 50 pesos a coconut, now that’s a flavorful, nutritious bargain.

There are several other carts in close vicinity and all have agreed on the 50 pesos per coconut price tag. No one is greedy here. Each cart turns a profit and this simple life provides each cart owner a living. I’ve watched people linger around the cart to finish their liquid gold, hand the coco back to the machete wielding owners and the coco is chopped in little pieces, put in a plastic bag and you’re off, yet again, with nutrient filled white coco meat!! Drinks, eats and a show—all for 50 pesos. What a deal!!!


Before the carts current location at the north end of the island, Hule and Monica set up shop on the beach nearby. Monica would work the cart and Hule, loaded down with a mesh bag packed full of fresh coconuts and a machete in hand, combed the beautiful beach daily. I remember seeing him many times and I was always amazed at his machete skills! Beach selling was very profitable, but after many years, Hule and Monica opted for a simpler way of selling their product. The perfect spot was rented, David joined the team and the family business. On my recent visit to the cart for a refreshing coco, I met Keyla, David's sister. She had only joined the family business three days before, yet her machete skills were completely on target. 


​Every night, the family returns the cart to their nearby family home, pedaling the half bike attached to the back of the Hule made cart. And again each morning, David and Hule purchase more freshly picked coconuts for the daily process. What a blessing to see this lovely, family run business. These are happy people on the island, that spread joy daily to their customers. When I asked them “What is a good day for you?” the quick reply was “When we each go home with ten fingers!” A sense of humor, too. And that’s it in a cocoNUT SHELL!!! Simply living in my Mexico.



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