Pretty Bird

November 1, 2017

A dear friend of six years on the island has had the opportunity to care for two CORTORITOS (pretty birds). These beautiful white-fronted Amazon parrots, the smallest of the Amazons, came into Inga’s life over a period of several years. Acquired by someone else, the oldest CORTORITO that Inga lovingly cares for, is five years old. Inga, a dedicated researcher on local plants, began researching the best way to care for her new CORTORITO. She also enlisted the local vet for his professional advice.

At first, Inga would take the parrot (named simply, Cortorito), out of the roomy cage and put on people’s shoulders….however, the CORTORITO caught a disease from a stranger and Inga almost lost her new pet. After diligent research and several visits to the vet, Inga learned that these Amazons are able to catch human diseases and we can catch theirs! The vet was able to prescribe the appropriate medications and Inga’s charge was good as new.


Several years later a local Mayan woman, who is a breeder of these beautiful birds, walked into the HACIENDA STYLE HOTEL where Inga serves as the best concierge on the island, with a basket of four week old CORTORITOS.  One particular baby Amazon, clung to Inga and was in love with her. What else could Inga do… now she had two! As a baby, Bandito, would figure a way out of his roomy cage, to everyone’s dismay. As he matured and stopped his Hoodini escape tactics, Inga changed his name to Ben, out of respect for his new found maturity. 

These two beautiful, well-trained parrots, trained by Inga herself, now live in a large, spacious cage built by another friend, Julio. Inga cares for these birds with such love… and they KNOW that SHE is their mom. Several times a day, these lucky birds are released from their secure home and allowed to fly around the garden-filled hotel. Inga maintains the discipline however; when she presents a perching stick to them, they return to her care and their secure habitat. Currently, Ben’s favorite pastime is sitting on visitor’s heads, if they are wearing a baseball cap. He learned this practice at the hotel, after repeatedly sitting on my friend, Juan’s capped head at breakfast every morning, in the community cocina! Lucky visitors of the hotel, marvel at the beauty of these birds and Inga is always happy to educate them on the necessary care required for happy, healthy CORTORITOS!!

Inga takes the time to plant appropriate foliage in and around the parrots habitat for their health and pleasure. They mock her and others (they imitate my laugh), which is always a delight to witness. These are two lucky parrots, to have Inga as their caregiver. And visitors are blessed to be educated about these beautiful creatures. Thank you Inga, for caring for your “flock” and educating all of us!!


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