Hotel Iguana

November 29, 2017

On this tiny, magical island, the Mexican spiny-tailed iguanas are everywhere. Perched in trees, atop a massive limestone boulder or hanging out on the sidewalks. These reptiles will bask in the sun for hours as their rough, grayish-brown skin keeps them camouflaged from the onlooker.

At the local HACIENDA STYLE HOTEL, Inga and the guys have created five star luxury accommodations for a few lucky iguanas. Three iguana families have checked into the HOTEL IGUANA. An iguanas dream, their hotel has cinder-block cubby holes for hiding or basking and  the occasional wall climbing. Inga, their chosen “cook”, delights their taste buds daily with an endless supply of various fruits and veggies. Inga’s well attended garden produces flowers and other tasty foliage for these lucky few! Older iguanas typically enjoy a vegetarian diet, while the younger ones will sometimes snack on an unsuspecting tiny bird or eggs.


Typical of their species, these Mexican spiny-tailed or black iguanas are a social bunch. They seem to always welcome a short photo session for a small fee….Papaya please! With a lifespan of about fifteen years, Inga better keep gardening and slicing. Thanks again Inga, for providing a safe santuary for another loved species on the island.




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