Heavenly Horizons

March 28, 2018

Tropical breezes ring through the salt loving fauna against our strong casa walls. An occasional whistling wind signals an increase of breezes just before dawn. For a moment, the rush evokes subtle memories of past morning storms. And then, peace begins and the glistening effect on the horizon indicates the first morning light that we cherish on this island. Transition from night to day has begun, seamlessly.


Each day, as the sun makes its revelation, is as unique as any perfect snowflake. The clouds reveal multiple palettes scattered behind them. In the distance, I spot a lobster panga out to retrieve its nightly catch. The robust spirit of the waves beating against our limestone anchored beach, breaks the solitude with amazing grace. Pools created by time alone, welcome tiny water birds, searching for a morning tidbit.


 The taste of life here has begun, again. Each beginning flows together effortlessly and the transition is now complete. Enjoy the unique captured morning moments that bless us daily.    




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