Fit for a Cook

June 6, 2018



Perfect pair of palapas in the works and the day finally came. Kitchen demolition was about to change my neat, clean casa into a disaster! Having been through a kitchen remodel in our Texas casa, I knew the drill... or so I thought. I could never have been prepared for the amount of dust that demolishing cinder blocks (homes building blocks) could produce. The cabinets had been previously removed and I had been left to play with a blank, empty floor plan for a week. The crew even built lean- to countertops for me to see how the space “felt”. We were keeping the original footprint and existing plumbing and gas connections. I moved the coffee pot around the makeshift space, deciding where the coffee bar should be, as well as the ice chest... you know, the fridge... for correct placement. I even went so far as to put a small lamp on the plywood counters to create, you know, ambience!


And then the sledge hammers came down and the dust engulfed the entire casa. One small window was becoming three grander ones, so cinder blocks were destroyed. I finally was forced to move to my favorite room at El Milagro Villas for two weeks. The windows were open and insecure to the beach, so a security guard slept at my casa during that time. 

Two weeks later, windows in place and casa clear of dust... as much as possible anyway... I moved back to the house. I had previously selected black granite countertops, plumbing fixtures, sink, wood and cabinet style, so all items were either delivered or in the works. My favorite design was the arched open shelving that is true my heart, but also to the Mexican style of design. Then I used a large, purchased stencil to complete the look. 

The entire kitchen renovation had been designed around embracing the sweeping views of the caribe that we loved. The transformation was livable and inviting. We had stayed within the Mexican style that I embraced, yet taken necessary precautions for living oceanfront. 



As I reviewed these photos, I scarcely remember all the discomforts, disappointments and discussions that went into this renovation. We had created a workable cocina, with breathtaking views and it was worth every speck of dust. Stay tuned next week, as we move to another fun project.    -E

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