Bodegas to Banos

June 20, 2018


Back inside the casa this week for a look at one of our easiest projects. The casa was perfect now, except for one thing… and that was only one bano (bathroom). The master bedroom was attached to an oversized bodega (storage room), so we decided to simply cut through the wall between the two and there it was… a bano just waiting for transformation!!! Still needing a tiny bodega to store a ladder and some paint cans, we simply went forward four feet and a new bodega was formed.



The old bodega (to become a bano) simply needed plumbing and additional electrical work. Tiles for floor and for walls were discovered at Home Depot in Cancun and brought over by ferry, as well as the toilet. Sink, plumbing fixtures and glass blocks all available on the island (which while being slightly more expensive, the delivery cost is tiny), so it really was more of a convenience decision. A wood table purchased on the island was repurposed as the perfect vanity. The “crystal” scones, which I happen to adore, were purchased in Texas at Home Goods and brought to Isla in our luggage… yes, it WAS interesting!!! Other accessories were also purchased in Texas, with the exception of the colorful OTOMI bath towels that I found at Chedraui (island’s larger grocery store). I took them back to Texas and set colors using a vinegar and salt bath. Then off to @initiallyyoursintexas (Fort Worth to be exact) for the perfect monogram. Then back across the border to our new bano. What I will do for love… of color! 


The existing bano had been remodeled by the previous owners and its clean, simply lines proved to be perfect. A few baskets and towels and it was ready! 

Basic simplicity for both banos in this casa. Living on the ocean influences certain adjustments in your home and those needs were carefully considered in the project. A touch of the Mexican flare that we adore, yet two banos with emphasis on easy living. 

Next week to the talents of Raul, our good friend, master craftsman and artist that we met on the island. He shipped amazing old hacienda doors to the island and transformed each one into pieces of art. Stay tuned… it’s a good one! -E


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