Artistic Vision of Raul

June 27, 2018

 Now the fun begins! Introducing that authentic touch with the Mexican flair that we adore, by bringing in layers of Mexican history, with the dramatic influences of old hacienda doors, shipped to the island from interior Mexico. Not an easy or inexpensive task, but then we have a secret weapon. Our wonderful friend, craftsman and artist, Raul, who now lives in Aquascalientes, Mexico (which, you may remember from previous posts, we have been lucky enough to visit). Raul and his amor, searched flea markets surrounding the old colonial town of Aquascalientes for the pieces of fascination that would add dramatic influence to our casa. I sent Raul countless pictures of my dream rooms, so he could get a sense of the seamless harmony I had in mind for the casa, and understand the eclectic style I wanted to evoke. Thankfully, Raul already knew our style well, so it didn’t take much to spark his artistic visions for the casa and head out for the search. 


Raul and Alejandra shopped tirelessly for weeks seeking the perfect examples of old world excellence that we envisioned. A purist at heart, Raul knew any doors he found that had been painted over time, would need to be stripped down to their original glory. Success… doors and shutters purchased and shipped. Now the hard work.


 Raul travelled to Isla after the shipment arrived and found himself covered in sawdust and ocean mist. He worked tirelessly under the palapas to measure each piece for its intended place. Sanding and oiling each spectacular selection to our satisfaction. Done. Hung. Stunning! Take a look at his finished pieces and enjoy his talents and inviting smile. Thank you Raul for caring enough to work tirelessly for our home. We are so thrilled that you and your family have, too, been able to enjoy it. 


 Next week I will take you through our completed, decorated casa!! Get ready for some color!!!! -E       

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