A Change of Taste

August 8, 2018


As an “artist” of sorts, dabbling in different mediums is always an exciting challenge for me. Be it stenciling a wall, in Mexico and Texas, making a fireplace mantel from discarded shards (I need to show you that), or transforming boxes or busts with seashells and sea glass, I jump at the challenge of the conquer. Beating the odds of defeat. Getting down and dirty with a new glue or plaster. Well, there is one medium I truly never thought I would dare tackle… or even remotely desire to hit head on, food! Those that know me well, remember when dinner was a chore... an obstacle between me and painting a ceiling. A door I would rather close than open. But the light has been flickering for a while and I’ve taken the plunge! I peruse cook books and websites. I follow foodies online and I’m looking for A Change of Taste.

I believe that I really never noticed the palettes that food displays. The colors can be vibrant and amazing. It’s another art form waiting to be tapped by my endless search for color and texture. As years are added to our life, I think we become more aware of what we choose to put in our bodies. Online research is endless and decisions must be made. Which style of eating works best for my husband and I, for better health, energy and of course, fulfillment? Many routes behind us, I have finally stumbled onto a style that fits our needs. High quality proteins, raw nuts, abundant veggies and FAT! The paleo lifestyle is all those things and more. As always, if I decide to go in, I go ALL in. My kitchen has been transformed into a Paleo friendly place, making ANY ingredient, condiment or spice that I reach for, menu friendly. It took much educating, research and mind changing to adapt, but this lifestyle works for US. The kitchen switch out was the hardest and most time consuming (and I did have to spend a little money to ‘gut’ it), but I did, and I haven’t looked back. 


In these photos notice a cauliflower chicken soup, served with chicken tacos on two store bought almond tortillas. The green and red salsas are also store bought, but contain NO sugar. I have become an excellent label reader. Then you will see a mediterranean chicken dish (in a cast iron skillet). I tossed in onions, cherry tomatoes, capers and olives. Ghee was my fat of choice to begin the savory process. Served, again, with store bought, grain free chips. And then, my happy place, go-to brunch dish. Fire roasted tomatoes with red onions, capers and kalamata pitted olives, simmered to a deletable thickness, then eggs added to finish it off. My husband wanted seconds. Then there is my latest…apricot and pistachio almond flour bread (pictured above), topped with the juicy squeeze of a grilled orange. It hit every taste bud. I’m experimenting with a waffle iron for bread making also. That waffle iron technique will be particularly useful on the island, since we did not install an oven during the renovation. My first several attempts were successful, but the experiment continues. Stay tuned! 

I have also found that I am able to continue this food lifestyle on the island. Yes, I make certain choices, but it is worth it for me. My goodness... I’m surrounded by fresh fish there… not much easier than that. For us, this Change of Taste has been fairly simple, but I personally believe that it is because we went all in. Do we stumble? Yes. But we get up, dust the sugar, dairy and grains off and move on. As does life.  —E                           

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