Pirates and Their Parrots

September 12, 2018


Ahoy Matey! Meet Lola and Mundaca, my latest artistic visions in the world of shell art. Shell art, always visually engaging, can be expressed in numerous ways from mirrors, to tables, to boxes and even a desk. And yes, I’ve done them all. These two recent projects, embellished in Isla, started life as a gold bust in a vintage shop and a white ceramic parrot spied at Pier 1 in Fort Worth. Playing with the idea of a pirate and his parrot, (as legend reveals to use in literature and movies)… and living on an island in the Caribbean, known to have housed many a colorful pirate, the pairing just made sense. 




First I embellished Mundaca, a legendary pirate who made Isla his home in 1858, and today remains in the often told folklore of the island. Mundaca is embellished with shells and sea glass, all sourced on Isla. He even features a trinket badge with an “M”,  that I found many years ago, while antiquing in Round Top, Texas. 



Lola, so named because it fits her lavish attitude and sense of style, was embellished from shells that I ordered online, because I realized that her delicate feathers needed more petite shells than were readily available to me on the island. Her sassy style also features vintage jewelry, beads and a unique vintage piece, sourced in Round Top, held in her claws, alluding to the possibility that she just flew over one of Carmen Miranda’s legendary tutti frutti hats!! 


These two pair well in our small, beachfront home and conjure up ideas of legendary pirates and their sidekicks, that roamed these beaches in times gone by. Shell art is such a unique process and while it may be time consuming, I have found it to always be rewarding. CREATE! Stay tuned for my next idea! --E

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