The ROUND TOP Experience

October 3, 2018


 It’s ROUND TOP WEEK…. and what a week. The ROUND TOP ANTIQUE FAIR began as a one week shopping event in the small town of 90 on an average day. Over the years, it has become one of the largest and most popular semi-annual events in the country. ROUND TOP WEEK is not just shopping… it is a lifestyle! For about three weeks, white tents take over otherwise nondescript fields… yes, the pasture kind. The quiet town vibe is overshadowed by shopper filled suburbans, pickups, RVs, trailers and U-hauls… all there for an experience… the ROUND TOP EXPERIENCE. If you want it, you can find it. Like to dig for a bargain… this is the place. Don’t mind paying top dollar for a beautifully displayed antique in an air-conditioned tent… this is the place. Enjoy a cerveza while you browse the fields… this is the place. Something for everyone! In the evening, the tree lights sparkle and the music begins… in a different venue nightly. The BUBBLE LOUNGE by ZAPP HALL lights up and the boot scooting’ begins. And there you have it… the ROUND TOP EXPERIENCE. 





 I have been shopping at the antique event for MANY years and am very lucky that my best friend has a weekend home in Round Top. There are only small, B & B type accommodations in Round Top. The small towns near by, have rooms that fill up quickly… so my built-in room is a real treat!  It also allows us to “get away” each evening and just chill. The white farmhouse (shown) is where we retreat to at the end of the day. 



All of these photos show different venues of last week in Round Top and gives you a taste of the abundance of items that are there for the buying!! The vintage sombreros (I’ve been searching for these for a while) will be hung on an wooden oxbow that I found a year ago. The mariachi oil painting will pair with an oil sombrero painting in our Texas casa. Of course, I will keep you posted, as each is hung! Enjoy the photos and consider a visit to ROUND TOP!   --E





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