It's a Paleo Kinda' Lifestyle

October 17, 2018


After years of trying to determine a lifestyle for my husband and I, that was healthy, delicious and completely satisfying, we have determined that the PALEO LIFESTYLE fits our needs perfectly. I experimented with a few paleo recipes, tweaked them to our needs and one day I found myself switching from a kitchen full of flours and carbs to a completely paleo kitchen. This grain-free, dairy-free (yes, no cheese), sugar-free (added cane or processed sugar) was no longer an experiment in our lives, but a lifestyle we both enjoyed and craved. Gluten flours were replaced with nut flours and cashew cheese now occupies the once milk-based cheese drawer and a sugar bowl no longer exists. Severe... yes! Did we look back… no!!!


 I think the ability to still create breads that are delicious and satisfying (yes.. I bake now), as well as the ability to still have fresh fruit (limited) in our diet, made this a win for us. We initially missed cheese the most, but that craving has since disappeared. I have become an excellent label reader and keep most processed foods out of our kitchen. Once we switched out our pantry and fridge to total paleo, bad choices were no longer available. We have both dropped unwanted pounds with ease and have rediscovered energy that we thought had been robbed by age. Cooking with fresh ingredients automatically delights the palate and being aware of what’s actually IN our food, has been eye-opening. 


 When on Isla Mujeres, we have access to fresh fish, fruits and veggies and a Costco in Cancun keeps our freezer full of delights that are not available on the island. We did not put an oven in our newly remodeled Isla kitchen, so I use a waffle iron to bake our jalapeño bread or our outside grill for a fresh snapper. Do we allow a little wine into our diet… absolutely!!! What’s a grass-fed filet, without a red zinfandel?? Or grilled shrimp without a crisp, chilled chardonnay? It’s a lifestyle we have chosen and have followed (almost) faithfully for eight months now. It’s easy and right for our way of living. Can we eat out? Of course… but we have learned to say NO to the chips and bread basket and yes to the occasional baked potato. 


Enjoy the photos of our recent meals, in Texas and on the island. These photos include grilled snapper salad, jalapeño waffle bread with capers and turmeric, filet with fresh onion relish, avocado and cucumbers, tuna steak sandwich with onion relish, salmon steak sandwich, lemon caper chicken with sweet peppers and paleo pizza (almond flour crust) topped with all the goodies. Also pictured is our completely paleo spice and condiment choices on the island. Do we look like we are missing out on anything? I think not! Buen Provecho!!  --E




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