The Sea Provides

November 14, 2018



Not far below the surface of these gleaming tropical waters, a world opens to the chefs on the island. Daily the sea releases its bounty to the hundreds of fishermen that call Isla Mujeres home. Their livelihood depends on the generosity of the waters, second only to the tourism trade, that has dramatically increased in the past several years. Still reminiscent of a quaint fishing village, parts of Isla retain that unmistakeable charm that visitors crave. The charm begins with the generations of islenos (born on the island), that tirelessly support the tourist and fishing industry here. 




Daily the fishermen return to the sometimes choppy seas to bring the salty bounty to the restaurant tables here. Lorenzo, fresh grouper in hand, delivers a catch to Rolandi’s on Hildago. Pich gladly displays his huge mackerel catch on his private prep table, only steps from the sea. His selections go directly to the beach side Picus restaurant, where eating requires digging your toes in the sand. Fishermen are paid on the spot, no middle man required. This is life here... locals work to live… not the other way around.  



It is such a privilege to be able to witness this easy-going lifestyle. It’s refreshing and renewing. I count my time here priceless. --E

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