Loving Lettuce

November 28, 2018


I’ve been on a lettuce kick lately… in Texas and Isla. The island grocery has had some lovely, fresh varieties and I have indulged, as well as at my favorite eateries. Yes, I eat salads, fruits and veggies in Mexico… and I TOTALLY understand those that choose not to enjoy the greens. At our casa, I wash our veggies in MICRODYN, which is designed to kill bacteria on these plants. I’m pretty diligent about it.



Most restaurants on the island advertise proper cleaning of produce, but if they don’t, I ask. If I’m not satisfied with their answer, I choose something else. In other words, I use good judgement. I make my own decisions.  I have never had any issues eating whatever I choose. BUT, I also drink LOTS of fresh, bottled water. With our hot weather and extremely high humidity, consuming water is #1 in my book. I also believe it keeps my body healthy and clean of the “bad stuff." 



 When you visit Mexico or hop over to Isla, do your homework and make your choices. The island chefs offer up exquisite vegetable and salad masterpieces.  I personally indulge in all of them. I choose to eat healthy here, because it’s easy to do! Be informed and BUEN PROVECHO!!!! --E




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