Art of The Sea

December 5, 2018



The magnificent shimmer of the sea captivates its audience. As a constant observer of its undeniable glory and a creative soul, I needed more… a closer look at its works. What time creates. What God creates.





The tumbling of time along the ocean’s sandy floor. Deep in the obscure depth, art is made. From nature’s gifts to the disposal of man, the ocean creates. And for the artist, the medium is there for the taking. The texture, shape and colors roll ashore for the discovery of an observant eye. 




And the creations begin with no plan, because the toppled goods dictate their own design. Sea glass of man and the abodes of long gone sea creatures roll to the shore for a final rest. And the lucky explorer and artist take full advantage.




Finishing some pieces with grains of sand is a glory of it’s own, as I discovered the petite design of each simple grain, as that of a snowflake… one of a kind. Please enjoy my current collection of created pieces. Also notice a sandy bowl of Christmas ornaments, designed for this year’s coastal tree (stay tuned)!! My hope is that these creations inspire the creative gene inside of each of my readers. Enjoy! --E





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